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خرید فرش ماشینی
Today, machine-made carpets have become an integral part of the homes of many of us Iranians. Given that machine-made carpet is a costly commodity, choosing a good machine-made carpet that has both high quality and durability and a reasonable price, has become very important, especially when you know that machine-made carpet is one of those products that Its appearance can not be understood in its quality and durability Machine-made carpet is a synthetic type of carpet that, unlike hand-woven carpets, is woven by industrial machinery. Due to the speed of production and also the cheapness of raw materials, it is cheaper than hand-woven carpets, and one of its advantages is that it is easier to execute, has a better role, and has a higher quality type of artistic and personal images on it. Machine-made carpets are produced by various machines, which can be referred to as Taksima, Vandville, Schونnher, Alpha, CRX, ASR, VTR and  machines. Each rug can also be made of acrylic or BCF and a mixture of the two, or new synthetic fibers (polyester). It should be noted that 100% acrylic carpets have a higher quality and price However, synthetic silk carpets are currently considered as the best flooring in the world markets due to their lack of lint and very easy washing and high stability and radiance. Also, carpets based on combs are 350, 440, 500, 700, 1000, 1200 and 1500 combs. Are divided. The density of carpets can also be between 700 and 4500 depending on the type of machine and comb. It should be noted that there are also carpets called patina, patina carpet is one of the modern carpets that are produced in an old and antique style.

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