how to increase the life off the carpet?

طریقه نگهداری از فرش
Like any other object, the carpet needs maintenance. By following some tips, you can increase the life of your carpet and keep it new for longer:
1- Do not let direct sunlight shine on the carpet.
2- Do not place the carpet near heat and ignition sources.
3- Roll it to move the carpet and never try to fold the carpet because it will cause it to break.
4- Do not place the carpet in wet places because moisture will cause the carpet to rot.
5- Do not place heavy items such as furniture and cupboards on the carpet because it causes the fibers to be compressed in one place, and if you are forced to do so, change the place of the items you have placed on the carpet every once in a while.
6- Turn the carpet upside down from time to time so that it is not exposed to abrasion.
7- Clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner once a week.
8- Spread the carpet under the doors in such a way that it is not in constant contact with it.
9- Leave the carpet washing to reputable carpet washing companies and avoid washing it at home.

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